The design of Namo is a meticulous mix of natural and modern, raw and refined, new and old. We prudently selected every detail in the design of the restaurant to reflect our menu offerings and enhance our guests’ experience.

Sugi Wood

The outside of our restaurant is completely covered in sugi wood. The ancient Japanese technique of shou sugi ban has been used to make houses weather-resistant by charring the wood for centuries. The technique was traditionally used in extremely humid, rural areas in Japan so as the protect the wood from rotting and deteriorating in the unforgiving environment. The dusky charcoal hue left behind after the treatment feels both ancient and modern-just like Namo itself.

Table Wear

In the same way that each of our handroll and sashimi dishes are handcrafted to perfection, each piece of table wear at Namo is carefully handcrafted directly in Japan.  We serve our beer in “Usuhari glasses,” which, at only 9 mm thick, is one of the thinnest glasses in the world.  This thin glass allows our guests to better enjoy the taste and texture of their drinks.  Each of our ceramic bowls, mugs, and sake cups are made by hand by a seasoned Japanese craftsman so that each table piece is unique at Namo.

Our Location

West Village has an upbeat energy in a relaxed and casual environment that attracts a wide array of people.  The lively neighborhood offers a vast selection of boutiques, fitness studios, coffee shops, movie theaters, and restaurants to keep both visitors and residents entertained.  The youthful mood that surrounds West Village adds to the “new school” ambiance of dining at Namo and creates a sense of community through the social and vivacious atmosphere.

West Village, 3699 McKinney Ave #305, Dallas, TX 75204